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3 Telltale Signs Your Raw Chicken Has Gone Bad

Cooking chicken is a great way to get a healthy, tasty meal on the table in a hurry. But if you don't take the time to check the freshness of your raw chicken, you could end up with a nasty surprise. To ensure that your raw chicken is safe to eat, it's important to know the telltale signs that it has gone bad. Expert online butchers reveal the three key signs that your raw chicken has spoiled.

The Meat has Grey and Yellow Spots:

When you inspect your raw chicken for signs of spoilage, the first thing you should look for is any discolouration. If your chicken has any grey or yellow spots on it, that is a sign that it has gone bad and should be thrown away.

These spots are usually caused by bacteria growth which can result in food poisoning if eaten. It's important to remember that these spots may not always be visible to the naked eye, so it's best to throw out the chicken as soon as you suspect it may have gone bad.

The Texture is Slimy:

When handling raw chicken, it is important to be aware of any changes in texture. If the chicken feels slimy or sticky, this is a sure sign that it has gone bad. Additionally, if there are any lumps or bumps on the surface of the chicken, discard it immediately as these can indicate spoilage.

According to online butchers, fresh chicken should be smooth, soft, and a bit slippery. If the chicken feels dry or leathery, it has likely gone bad. Any slimy residue on the surface of the chicken is a sign of bacteria growth, indicating spoilage. When checking the texture of the chicken, be sure to feel all areas of the meat, including the breasts, wings, and thighs.

It Smells Weird:

Once you order online meat delivery, fresh raw chicken will have a mild smell, with no sign of a sour or putrid odour. If the chicken gives off an unpleasant odour, it is likely unsafe to eat and should be discarded. When you smell the chicken, pay attention to any offensive odours. If the smell is sharp or ammonia-like, the chicken is not fresh and should be avoided.

Additionally, if the smell is particularly strong, this can be a sign that the chicken has been contaminated with bacteria and could be dangerous if consumed. It is best to discard the chicken if you notice any foul odours.

Raw chicken is a great ingredient to have in your kitchen, but it's important to ensure that it hasn't gone bad before you start cooking with it. Always make sure to purchase fresh quality chicken from a reliable supplier while ordering butcher delivery. That way, you can ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.