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Wagyu Beef Delivery

It's never been easier to get high-quality meat delivered to your home, and we guarantee you'll get only the finest at the best price. So, browse our finest cuts, pick what you want, and schedule a delivery date and time using our online calendar. We source our products from the greatest suppliers in the country, so you can rest assured that your Wagyu delivery will be of the highest quality. So what are you waiting for? Buy Wagyu online from Grass & Bone now. You won’t be disappointed! In addition to Wagyu beef delivery, we also provide a wide variety of delicious goods such as beef, chicken, Christmas hams and turkeys, lamb, pig, sausages, seafood, and a range of specialities. Our cuts are always fresh and succulent, assuring that you are only eating the best! Our home delivery service will never fail to please you because it is quick, effective, and—best of all—free for orders over $100!

Frequently asked questions

Wagyu is the best quality artisan beef, produced in small amounts and strictly adhered to Japanese norms, and it is this meticulous process that distinguishes it. Wagyu beef has more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as more monounsaturated fats than ordinary cattle. This soft fat has a low melting point and not only creates a fantastic texture but also retains most of the flavour. When you buy Wagyu online from Grass & Bone, you can rest assured that you’ll get only the best quality cuts at a fantastic price.

So you just got your Wagyu beef delivery and are wondering how to prepare it. In our opinion, the grill is the best way to cook Wagyu. It gives the meat a fantastic smoky flavour you can't get indoors, especially if it's a charcoal grill. And as long as you keep an eye on the steak and regularly check the temperature, you should get a soft, uniformly cooked cut of meat.

One of the most common ways to prepare your Wagyu home delivery is just by seasoning it with salt and pepper, as the beef's natural flavours are so wonderful. By doing so, you may enjoy the full depth of flavour that this beef has to offer while still appreciating its natural qualities.

The exceptional flavour of Wagyu steaks, which is significantly superior to regular supermarket beef, has led to their growing appeal around the world. Steaks produced with wagyu beef, known for its high-grade marbling, can be unforgettable if they are cooked to perfection and served with the utmost care.

Wagyu beef is prized for its high-fat content, robust flavour, and luscious texture. Now you can get the finest cuts of meat from Grass & Bone, the best place to buy Wagyu beef online. You won't find a better deal on our selection of premium meats anywhere else.

No! Because Wagyu steak is often seen as a luxury product, you may believe it is only available in restaurants. However, Wagyu beef can elevate any gathering or meal, and it's simple to prepare at home. Grass & Bone provides Wagyu delivery straight to your door, and if you order more than $100 worth, we’ll deliver it for free! So there's no reason to leave your house or office to stock up on meat. Instead, place an order in a few simple steps by choosing Wagyu from our extensive online menu. After you've made your selection, you can select a delivery date and time from the available options on our calendar.

Wagyu is graded based on two primary characteristics: the quantity of meat and the quality of the marbling fat. Certified for sale in Japan are only A3 to A5 wagyu beef cuts. And the price rises with increasing quality. "A" is the highest yield grade, representing how much beef is taken from the cattle; "5" is the highest quality grade, which indicates that the beef has the best marbling, colour, texture, and fat quality. So if you're planning a special event and want to impress your guests, Japanese A5 Wagyu is the way to go! To buy Wagyu online, browse our extensive selection of cuts on our website.