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Wagyu Yakiniku Meat

If you want to enjoy yakiniku in the comfort of your own home, why not order a Yakiniku plate from Grass & Bone? We offer delicious, marbled pieces of Wagyu Yakiniku - from large trays with 4 different cuts that our butcher selects on the day, to single cut trays. Yakiniku slices are an excellent way to taste high-marbled beef. Thinly sliced and ideal for cooking at extremely high temperatures. Sear quickly and serve with yakiniku sauce, steamed rice and vegetables. Your family and friends will enjoy the social component of sitting around the barbeque and cooking.

Frequently asked questions

Cooking yakiniku meat is quick and easy! Allow the grill to get to temperature before cooking; yakiniku is best grilled on medium to high heat. Next, place meat slices on the grill and cook to individual preference; the amount of time required to cook correctly will vary depending on the thickness of the cuts, generally 3-5 seconds per side. Because the meat is not often marinated or seasoned before grilling, the quality of the meat is critical for Japanese BBQ.

Because you can grill your own delicious pieces of beef right at your table, Wagyu Yakiniku is a huge hit. Furthermore, the high-grade marbling and umami meat flavour delivers an incredible taste that melts in your mouth! Yakiniku meat is an excellent choice for bringing people together during large social events. Your guests will love indulging in premium quality cuts of meat, now available at Grass & Bone.

Grass & Bone has a wide selection of Yakiniku trays that are ideal for your next occasion! Our Yakiniku trays include four different slices chosen by our butcher on the day. You can expect to have available to you, some of the best Suzuki farm Wagyu in Australia. These trays take the hassle out of deciding what you want; let us do the work and decide for you.

Our single trays of yakiniku meat are ideal for enjoying high-marbled cuts of beef. Thinly sliced and ideal for cooking at extremely high temperatures. Sear quickly and serve with yakiniku sauce and steaming rice.

The price varies based on the tray you choose. Prices range from $40 for a 500g single tray of Beef Wagyu MB9+ Rib Fingers to $215 for 1 kg of Beef Wagyu MB9+/A5, which contains four distinct cuts chosen by our butcher on the day.